Freebies for Christmas

With Christmas now looming around the corner and shops already getting prepared for the festive period so should us Freebie hunters.This is prime time to start getting them all important referrals needed to get your hands on the free gifts your desire weather it be Free Xbox live or even a Free Xbox 360 or why not go all out and really treat yourself or a loved one and get the latest gadget on the market the Iphone 4S this by far will be the ultimate gift this Christmas and you could get it for free.If you still haven’t signed up to Freebies and are still unsure visit the home page to learn more.If on the other hand you have signed up and are struggling to get the Referrals needed then here is just a few tips to hopefully give you a green boost before Christmas

If you havent already build a website start promoting your referral link online or point freinds and family to the website so they can get a better idea of how it works
As stated above tell everyone the more people you tell the more change of getting someone to sign up. tell anyone who is willing to give you 5mins.
Freinds on Xbox live if you are already on Xbox live then why not tell all your freinds on there about it once again if you have a website you could ask the to visit that.
Forums: If you are on any gaming forums see weather you are allowed to post your referral link in your signture.Please not it is important to make sure you check with the forum first as it could lead to a ban if rules are followed
This is just a few Tips that can help you get the all important referrals but if you still want to find out more a great place to start could be a Exceem this is a forum designed for Freebie hunts to come and discussion all that is Freebies weather it be tips on getting referrals or tips on building a website there is endless information and people are always willing to help so check it out here